Hardy ATI Ampara will be reopened for the HNDEn and HNDIT second year students from 03.09.2018.

I hear by request all the HNDEn and HNDIT hostel students to be returned to their respective hostels on 03.09.2018 before 6.00 p.m.

The evaluation programs for the both student will be started from 04.09.2018 and the evaluation schedules are given below

Schedule of End Semester Evaluation for HNDEn 2nd Year Students During the study leave




Lecturer in Charge

04/09/2018 Advanced Professional Writing

Advanced Reading


Continuous Assessment


Ms. ST.Nisansala

05/09/2018 English Language Teaching Methodology Continuous Assessment Mr.ARM.ARM.Akram
06/09/2018 Commonwealth Literature Continuous Assessment Mr.MRTN.Kumara
07/09/2018 Language Structure Usage& Linguistics

Technology Based Com.Skills


Continuous Assessment



08/09/2018 All subjects Finalizing assignment for submission


Schedule of End semester Evaluation for HNDIT 2nd year student during the study leave




Lecturer in charge.

04/09/2018 Mini project, IT Project management, Principle of software engineering. Continuous Assessment Mr. A.C Aasik
05/09/2018 ADBMS ,Object oriented analysis and Design.


Continuous Assessment Mr.A.J.M. Hasmy


06/09/2018 Mini project,

English for Technology- III

Continuous Assessment Ms. T.H. Dinusha,Mr.Dharma Rathna.
07/09/2018 Mini project, Enterprise information security, Data communication network-II Continuous Assessment Mr.A.A.M. Matheeh